Official opening of Energy Tower on 19th January 2016

The official opening of the serviced office Energy Tower was held in festive settings with about 100 guests. On the top of the representatives of the builder of Hanhikivi 1 –nuclear power plant, Fennovoima Oy, present were also Russian and Finnish representatives from Rosatom and its subsidiary RAOS Project Oy and from the main contractor Titan 2. Representatives from Pyhäjoki and other municipalities as well and also business co-operation partners were present.

The representatives of the municipality of Pyhäjoki, led by the chairman of the municipal council Mr. Risto Kittilä, presented their compliments. Mr. Jukka Juola, the developer of the idea of Energy Tower serviced office, member of the board of KOY Energy Tower and the CEO of Suomen Maastorakentajat Oy, received the compliments.

The serviced office Energy Tower was officially opened in a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The ribbon was cut by the service supervisor Helena Widnäs and Matti Soronen, the mayor of Pyhäjoki municipality and also by Jukka Juola, member of the board of KOY Energy Tower.

Mr. Jukka Juola, member of the board of KOY Energy Tower wished the prestigious delegation from Russia most welcome. The delegation was led by Mr. Kirill Komarov, the 1st Deputy Director-General of Rosatom concern. A number of other co-operation partners were also present.