Energia Kiinteistöt Oy – a new real estate developer



Hanhikivi1-project stimulates building activities in Pyhäjoki

Energia Kiinteistöt Oy is a new northern Finnish real estate development company. Company’s first projects are located in Pyhäjoki, where Fennovoima is having Hanhikivi 1 –nuclear power station built.

The company is founded by Jukka Juola, Markku Kankaala/PM Ruukki Oy and Tuomas Hirvonen. Company’s offices are located in Pyhäjoki and in Oulu.

- We all founders area serial entrepreneurs having long experience not only of construction business but also of many other fields of business. Jukka is from Kalajoki and I and Markku are from Raahe. Thus we are strongly a local company, Tuomas Hirvonen tells.

According to Markku Kankaala Energia Kiinteistöt is a developer having innovative real estate solutions as a speciality. The company has co-operation with various partners in planning and building.

- In close co-operation with the customer we plan solutions which are modern, cost-effective and tailored to the customer’s needs. In our operations responsibility and continuous improvement are important principles creating solid base for developed solutions.

In the beginning the company operates connected with the Hanhikivi 1 –project in Pyhäjoki and in the nearby areas like Kalajoki and Raahe. Later other areas and projects come into picture.

- We are committed to develop in the long term the infrastructure and real estate of the area. Pyhäjoki will look very different in 10 years compared to today. Energia Kiinteistöt wants to be bring this development forward in a role of a reliable partner, says Jukka Juola.

Energia Kiinteistöt has already started its first project, KOY Onnisenkulma, in Pyhäjoki. The premises for Onninen Oy will be ready in April 2016. Onninen Oy is a Finnish family company operating is wholesale of plumbing and heating equipment and supplies. Contractors, industry, public organisations, infrastructure constructors and retailers form the customer base of Onninen Oy.

Further information:

Markku Kankaala
puh. +358 400 685 719

Jukka Juola
puh. +358 400 586 010

Tuomas Hirvonen
puh. +358 50 368 6866