Energia Kiinteistöt and Osuuskunta PPO into co-operation


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Energia Kiinteistöt and Osuuskunta PPO into co-operation

Northern Finnish development companies Energia Kiinteistöt Oy and Osuuskunta PPO joined forces for the needs around Pyhäjoki nuclear power plant project. The intention of the co-operation is to provide together innovative real estate solutions.

Onninen Oy to Pyhäjoki

As the first joint project about 1000 m2 premises are being built for Onninen Oy in Ollinmäki industrial area. Onninen will move into the new premises in the beginning of May. Energia Kiinteistöt operates as the developer and the owner. Osuuskunta PPO is financier together with banks.

- The construction of Ollinmäki area has started well. Energy Tower office building was built earlier together with Pyhäjoki municipality and it is already fully leased. New projects are on the drawing table. Demand for different types of premises seems to increase simultaneously as the work progresses at the power plant site, the Chairman of the Board of Energia Kiinteistöt Oy, Tuomas Hirvonen commented.

PPO is interested in Pyhäjoki

Pyhäjoki nuclear power plant project is one of the largest construction projects in Europe. It creates a lot of new business into Northern Finland.

- PPO has already for some time looked for investment opportunities around Pyhäjoki nuclear power plant. The premises for Onninen are a good start creating base for wider co-operation with Energia Kiinteistöt, says Kati Peltomaa, the CEO of Osuuskunta PPO. 

Energia Kiinteistöt Oy is a Northern Finnish real estate development company. First projects are situated in Pyhäjoki, where Fennovoima has Hanhikivi 1 -nuclear power plant constructed. The entrepreneur team of the company has strong experience and local expertise. The company is owned by Jukka Juola, Tuomas Hirvonen, Markku Kankaala and Jari Pirinen.

Osuuskunta PPO is an investment and development cooperative society operating in the regions of Pohjois- and Keski-Pohjanmaa. It creates value for its members and vitality to the region. The cooperative society PPO is owned by its over 26 000 members. PPO's investments assets are over 100 million euros. In 2015 PPO reached 9,6 million euros profit from its investment activities. 

Additional information:
Osuuskunta PPO, CEO Kati Peltomaa tel. +358 44 729 1220
Energia Kiinteistöt Oy, Chairman of the Board, Tuomas Hirvonen, tel. +358 50 368 6866

Energia Kiinteistöt Oy has acquired 2/3 of KOY Energy Tower

Energia Kiinteistöt Oy has on 19th January 2016 acquired 2/3 of the shares of KOY Energy Tower from Andament Group Oy. Pyhäjoen Teollisuusyhtiö Oy remains as the other owner of KOY Energy Tower with 1/3 share.

By this acquisition Energia Kiinteistöt Oy continues investments into real estate development in the Pyhäjoki area.

Further information:

Risto Brax
Real Estate Development Director
+ 358 40 7777 320

Onnisenkulma in installation phase

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Official opening of Energy Tower on 19th January 2016

The official opening of the serviced office Energy Tower was held in festive settings with about 100 guests. On the top of the representatives of the builder of Hanhikivi 1 –nuclear power plant, Fennovoima Oy, present were also Russian and Finnish representatives from Rosatom and its subsidiary RAOS Project Oy and from the main contractor Titan 2. Representatives from Pyhäjoki and other municipalities as well and also business co-operation partners were present.

The representatives of the municipality of Pyhäjoki, led by the chairman of the municipal council Mr. Risto Kittilä, presented their compliments. Mr. Jukka Juola, the developer of the idea of Energy Tower serviced office, member of the board of KOY Energy Tower and the CEO of Suomen Maastorakentajat Oy, received the compliments.

The serviced office Energy Tower was officially opened in a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The ribbon was cut by the service supervisor Helena Widnäs and Matti Soronen, the mayor of Pyhäjoki municipality and also by Jukka Juola, member of the board of KOY Energy Tower.

Mr. Jukka Juola, member of the board of KOY Energy Tower wished the prestigious delegation from Russia most welcome. The delegation was led by Mr. Kirill Komarov, the 1st Deputy Director-General of Rosatom concern. A number of other co-operation partners were also present.

Energia Kiinteistöt will have premises constructed for Onninen Oy

The first construction works of Energia Kiinteistöt Oy started in December in Pyhäjoki. Commercial premises are being built in Ollinmäki industrial area. Energia Kiinteistöt will rent the premises to Onninen Oy for wholesale business.

The building has 1 150 square meters including the offices. The premises serve not only the constructors in Hanhikivenniemi but also all other constructors in Pyhäjoki area. The premises will be ready in April 2016.

Further information:
Risto Brax
Real Estate Development Manager
+ 358 40 7777 320